Heart's Content SUPERFAST OATS

Heart's Content SUPERFAST OATS

Description :

Mornflake Oats are one of nature's finest foods, offering excellent value for money, combined with a high nutritional content.

Drawing on over 300 years of milling experience, Mornflake select only the finest oats, which are then carefully milled to retain all the endosperm, bran and grain that are a natural part of the oat kernel.

Mornflake Oats are also one of nature's healthiest foods, for they contain one of the highest levels of soluble fibre which is regarded as essential for digestion. Mornflake Oats also release energy slowly, due to the combination of high fibre and complex carbohydrates.

This means that they provide you with energy throughout the day, maintaining a sense of well-being and helping you to avoid those snacks which so many dieters cannot do without!

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